My Reflections: Completion Cycles of Seven

I have completed my first seven episodes of this podcast. I don’t know if anyone is listening but I am enjoying recording. I’m still not a fan of editing. The self-tutorials are helping but I need to work on my sound quality. So bear with me a few more episodes while I try to figure this out. I’ve reached over a 100 downloads which is a milestone for a practically unknown podcaster. That means a few people are rocking with me and at least interested in the subject matter of purpose and finding one’s alignment with it. So for the people who have taken the time to listen, I cannot thank you enough. Just hang in here with me because I have some really good content coming.

On episode 006 Purpose and Fearless Intuition with Jordana, we both share how we see numbers as signals from the universe that we need to pay attention to. There are certain series of numbers that when they pop into my awareness, I start to look for synchronicities. I also research the spiritual meaning of the numbers and symbology of what begins to appear.  Numbers have been a part of my guidance system for the last 10 years.

So it’s no surprise to me that as I approached episode 007, I debated about which guest would be the perfect end to my first cycle of episodes. Seven is a very spiritual number. Some even consider it a lucky number.  If you subscribe to the Bible, then you know that creation was complete after the sixth day and the seventh day became a day of rest. There are seven days of the week, continents, chakras and seven wonders of the world. Even the body recreates itself physically and spiritually every seven years.

7s have played a significant role in my life and in my consciousness. So as I approached episode 7, it was very important for me to recognize and celebrate the completion of my first cycle of podcasting. I decided that episode 007 Second Chances with Simla would be the perfect ending to the first cycle. Simla shares how her near-death experiences awakened her to her purpose. Simla’s story of overcoming a life-threatening brain aneurysm, leaving her corporate accounting role and starting a tour company which helps empower women in countries as widespread as Cambodia, Fiji, India, Vietnam, Mexico and Australia will prompt you to reassess the opportunities you have to help yourself and to help others and leave you with a vision of what you can change, both in yourself and the world. The perfect end to the perfect beginning.