015 Purpose In A Pandemic

In this solo episode, I share my experiences with being quarantined during COVID-19. This episode offers some tips on how to find purpose and align with positive vibrations at this time. I also discuss how this time can be seen as a spiritual retreat of sorts and how we can anchor into our belief system to get to the other side of this experience.

On this pursuit of alignment with your purpose, creating the life you want is your birthright. We all can use this time as an opportunity to get attuned to our individual as well as the purpose we serve in being a part of a family unit.

014 The Art of Manifestation


In this solo episode, I get transparent about my manifestation journey. While I’m not an expert on manifestation, on this episode I share some good and not so good experiences with conscious creation. Manifestation should be a both a tool to bring your desires into physical form as well as a skill that can be learned. I also discuss how some areas of our lives may take longer to manifest because of the fears and negative emotions we attach to them. This episode offers some tips on how to get out of your own way, while you are manifesting the life you want.

On this pursuit of alignment with your purpose, creating the life you want is your birthright. Everything you need to bring your desires into fruition are available to you now, practice and a shift in mindset can bring you into alignment with your conscious creations.

012 Releasing Family Patterns and Generational Purpose

Ep 012


In this solo episode, I get transparent about patterns not only within my familial unit but challenges that seem to affect families on a generational level. One of the reasons why the current movements associated with sexuality and race are coming to the surface is because energetically it is time for a release of the way we have culturally dealt with each other and our traumas. Trauma, especially repressed and unaddressed do not disappear into the night, rather it takes root in our family dynamics and plays out on a day to day basis. That energy is then transferred, internalized and externalized depending on the lessons and purpose of the individual. Unresolved challenges impact us all physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Our shared purpose in relation to each other is at the core of this dialogue.

Soul Ties: Partners and Purpose



In this solo episode, I share my relationship experiences and how those experiences have impacted my alignment with my purpose. How my relationships have been the breadcrumbs and provided a safe space for me to become this version of myself. I also talk about how I started to notice that I was attracting specific types of people who didn’t want a commitment and I had to own the fact that I was putting that energy out. I had to own that those people were a mire reflection of where I was at the time and how that allowed me to focus on getting my things in order as far as my business and aligning with my purpose.

010 Synchronicity and Misalignment with Your Purpose

In this solo episode, I share my struggles with falling in and out of alignment with my purpose. There are many everyday distractions as well as just living that can impact our ability to stay focused. I share how a recent project I was working on left me feeling very drained, out of sync and unmotivated. I share what feelings and behaviors helped me recognize that I was out of alignment. I also provide five tips on how to self-correct, seek out help and get back to the business of walking in one’s purpose.

I also talk about how making the decision to self-correct lead to synchronicities which resolved the issues without much help from me other than having to be more intentional. I also share how I quit my corporate job in 2017 to focus on full-time entrepreneurship because I was feeling misaligned, along with the unexplained coincidences that took place once I made that decision. That decision lead to the formation of my second business, a self-published book ‘60 Affirmations & Reflections for Entrepreneurs’, the Quit Your Job Conference and the launch of this podcast. That one decision also brought me in more alignment with my purpose and has given me the space to create these platforms to encourage others to find alignment with their purpose and provide tools for them to do so.

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Passion, Purpose & Nonprofits With Sasha R

In this episode, I chat with multi-passionate Creative Director, Serial Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Jeremie Charitable Foundation Sasha Revolus. Sasha dubbs herself a Productive Dreamer, because she is creative, free-spirited, and structured so she knows how to bring dreams into reality. She runs four businesses and still finds time to be actively run a foundation, events, and conferences in both Atlanta and Miami. She also owns a creative studio in Atlanta which brings people together to work, connect and create.

Sasha shares how she is a ‘Jill of all trades’.  Her Haitian and Cuban roots, along with her entrepreneurial parents provided her with the foundation, motivation, and freedom to know and believe that she could do anything. Sasha shares how she hopes that every step she takes is part of her overall purpose for being. She shares everything from how she started her first business to how she is currently building two schools in Haiti. She also shares how her passion for education has served as fuel as she provides sustainable structures to various communities in Haiti. Sasha is a true inspiration and a real-life example that we are only in the boxes we choose to allow ourselves to be in.


Connect with Sasha R.

Instagram: @iamsashar
Instagram: @FlourishMediaCo
Instagram: @smbcreativestudio

Website: https://www.iamsashar.com/
Website: https://www.flourishmediaco.com/

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